Laboratory Set-up

We have successfully set up virology, histopathology and molecular laboratories for our clients across various countries.

Medical Diagnostic Equipment plays a very vital role in identifying a disease in order to ensure the most appropriate treatment. We supply all types of diagnostic equipment and reagents that comply with international quality standards

  • Biochemistry Analysers
  • Immunoassay Analysers
  • Haematology Analysers
  • Electrolyte Analysers
  • Differential Cell Counter (3 part/5part)
  • Histopathology Equipment
  • RT PCR Machine
  • RNA/DNA Extractor Machine
  • Pipettes/Micropipettes
  • Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Autoclaves/Ovens
  • Laboratory Microscopes
  • Dry Bath
  • Laboratory Glassware

Reagent Kits and all associated disposables and consumables from reputed suppliers for all above machines.  You may specifically contact us for supply of RT PCR machine, RNA/DNA extraction machines and COVID-19 related testing kits and disposables and consumables.

We are authorised resellers of new/refurbished Imaging Machines as well (X-RAY, CT-Scan, MRI among others)

CONTACT US for your requirement of top quality reagents from India for your existing equipment (open systems) at very affordable prices.  For your ready reference, please write to us for our brochures and details of equipment/reagents we can supply to you.

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